DIY Chalkboard

I wanted to share with you my DIY on making a chalk board, you know, one of those cute chalkboards used for cute lil sayings and quotes drawn in chalk that you see on Pinterest.    In living in our new house for a while, I  knew I wanted to have a cute chalkboard in my kitchen on the blank wall near my island.  But I could not find anything that I liked.  I searched and looked all over for a while and found nothing, either they were too little of a board for my wall space or the opposite, too big, or the chalkboard frame just didn’t suit my tastes.  Until one day, I was shopping at Kalamazoo Kitty, a local consignment shop, (both locations are my favorite!!)  and found the perfect option…..


I saw a room full of pictures and paintings all stacked against one another.  I decided to dig through and then I saw this painting!   Well, the frame caught my eye, not the painting.  The painting is really not my style at all, and it wasn’t a true original oil painting, only a reproduction, so the surface was smooth enough to use chalk paint on.   And for only $45 I bought it!!!IMG_5331 IMG_5332

I started to tape off the edges of the frame all around so I could paint.  I used 3M’s blue tape for delicate surfaces.IMG_5335I started to paint in criss cross patterns and let the first coat dry.  I then followed up with a second coat.




I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Graphite, it is what I had on hand from other projects.  You can google search for the nearest retail location near you that sells Annie’s chalk paint.  You can find out more about it here at

IMG_5348After paint was completely dry, I carefully removed the tape.  


Then followed with a good heavy coating of chalk.





Let the chalk “cure” for at least 24 hours then you can wipe clean and start with your first chalk art quote or saying!    I am glad I was patient in looking for the perfect piece to go in my kitchen, even if it was a painting before, it is now a fun display piece that adds character.  Plus the kids like to draw on it too!  Here is my chalk art for the Christmas season…I’m not a master at chalk art by any means, but it is fun to do!



Let me know if you try to do a project like this!


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