Been away from the blog

Hi friends,

Sorry I have been away from blogging.  Being new as a blogger is challenging.  But I know I need to keep posting on the blog when I can on a regular schedule.  Sometimes life just happens, you know…. it keeps you busy.  I want to try to focus more on not being so busy, and I think my family does well at times.  But as they get older, they are involved in their passions, and it causes commitment to those passions which equals time.   I am not complaining one bit, because I am enjoying this season in our life, even though my husband and I are starting our forties, and it scares me to get older.     My kids are ages 14 and 10 and it is so much fun…. ah, to be 14 again!  But it also saddens me as well because I know I don’t have that much more time with them in our home.  They will leave us and become their own beings in this world.  But that is what we as parents are to teach them, to be independent, good, God -loving and responsible humans in this world.  That is only one of my prayers out of many for them.

My daughter’s dance competition season has started, so much fun, but requires some weekend traveling.  She did very well for her first competition, even with bursitis in her knee, she won a double platinum award for her solo (which is the highest mark you can get)  and won 2nd overall in her age division!  So she was extremely excited, and we were all so proud of her.    My son’s indoor soccer schedule has started.  That is a weekend affair as well. So much fun watching him play. He looks like a mini version of my husband.  His outdoor season will start in April, and that is fun as well. I hope the weather cooperates.  Sometimes we watch in snow pants!!!!

I have been busy with my small design business as well as busy working part time at the furniture store.  I am enjoying meeting new store clients and learning all about the furniture industry.  I would love to have my own store/shop someday, so working there has been such a great experience.    My husband is a financial advisor and works 45 + hrs a week.   He is a very hard worker and I appreciate him everyday and how he provides for our family.  He has decided to study for his CFP certification and that has been a few hours every night online, typically 9pm-midnight.  I am proud of him, but miss him too!

Anyway, enough rambling, my goal is to reveal to you the before and afters of my office very soon.  It is a work in progress figuring out the layout and where to put all my supplies, etc.  I eventually want to design builtins and a desk in the space, but for now it will have to wait.    I am also currently working on our basement, it is our teen hangout space.  It is coming along, but not all finished yet.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon!


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