Teen Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

I was honored to help my daughter’s friend with her room makeover.  It was indeed in need of an update.  Not a total overhaul, just a few tweeks here and there, paint color and a few accessories and organizational items.  Here are a few iPhone shots (sorry about the quality) that I took of her room the day I had a consultation with her and her sweet mom!IMG_5625 IMG_5628

IMG_5623 IMG_5620 IMG_5550She knew she wanted to have a  “Boho”  vibe, and told be she must have a Bohemian Tapestry in her room somewhere in the color scheme of  blue, green white and black.  I found this Tapestry on Easy and she loved it.  It shipped from India and was pretty affordable.  We decided on a new paint color for walls, based on the tapestry, and then I took her and my daughter out shopping to select some special accessory pieces.   I  also ordered some things online and bought some things locally.  Her parents painted her room and when that was finished, I took everything over for the final install.  Here are the after pictures of her room:

IMG_2697IMG_2704IMG_2701IMG_2717IMG_2721IMG_2705IMG_2710IMG_2709Little changes make a BIG difference.   We kept her dresser, just spray painted brass hardware to black finish.  We also kept her desk that she now uses as a vanity.  I did purchase storage towers for organization and more storage for her closet.    It was fun working on this project and I  hope she is keeping her room neat and tidy, “wink wink!”

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