Magnolia Silos Visit on NYE 2016

Hi there!  Okay, I am super embarrassed to post this, because its way over due, but have been meaning to share with you our visit to the Silos in Waco.   And I’m happy to say that I have finally forced myself  “y’all” to carve out some time to write this post.  Just editing the pictures brings back the joyous memories that I had that beautiful warm sunny and windy day!  We flew to Dallas, TX over the New Year with our sweet friends, the Kramers,  to watch our fellow Western Michigan University Broncos play in the Cotton Bowl.  And so I HAD to talk my family into making the drive from Dallas down to Waco to see the Silos.  It was easy, ALL of us girls wanted to go, so the boys politely agreed.    We went on New Years Day which was a nice warm and windy day, and it was a dream come true for me.  My daughter, Kiley, took over the camera and shot most of the pictures for me because I was like a kid in a giant candy store just overwhelmed by the experience of this place.  Enjoy the pictures, we took way too many, but here are my top favorites I wanted to share….AND the boys and husbands actually had a fun time and thought this place was pretty cool too.  I look forward to going back again sometime soon, and if you have any questions about this magical place, let me know!



My sweet kiddos


We had the privilege of meeting Joanna’s Mom!



Even the Bathroom House was cute!



Our final picture before we left.


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