My Top 7 Picks on the Current Chair Trend: The Swivel Chair

So I tend to love design trends most of the time, they are inspiring, fresh and always add that pop of interest in a room.  But there are some trends that I particularly didn’t gravitate to, and one example was the chevron pattern trend.  I just did not like that one…it’s only my opinion.  And its okay to like a few and dislike a few!  Trends pop in for typically a short duration, sometimes longer.  Its all up to you and your personal design style of what trend(s) you want to incorporate into your home.  The current hot trend in furniture these days is the Swivel Chair.  It is making a comeback for many interiors and I have to say I am glad.  Sitting in a swivel chair is not to mention fun, because, well, you can swivel in it!  But its also versatile to use in a room because of the swivel mechanism. This way, you are able to create functional space.  For example, lets create a furniture layout for a living room with a TV mounted over a fireplace.  The main furniture pieces consist of one sofa, a coffee table, a small pair of swivel chairs, a chairside table, and two end tables.  It all depends on the layout of the room, but one idea is you can pair  the small swivel chairs in front of the fireplace,  add your chairside table in between the swivels.   Across from the pair of chairs would be the sofa and coffee table with both end tables flanking each side of the sofa.  The swivel chairs used in this layout provide a good conversation flow and seating, but can also be “swiveled” around in any direction for tv viewing.  Here are my top favorite swivel chairs:

Bassett New American Living Swivel Glider

CRL Lincoln Swivel Chair

CRL Oliver Swivel

Fiarfield 5177-31 Swivel Chair

WH 660 Freemont Swivel

WH 661 Devon

WH Keaton SG and otto

Why not jump on the Swivel Chair Trend if you are looking to add a chair or pair of chairs?  That is, if you like this current trend!!  Also, you can contact me for pricing  and delivery on these beauties to your area!

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