Today, May 9th – 19 Years Married!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary! WOW –  19 years!   I say wow, because it doesn’t seem that long ago.  I really can’t believe how fast time goes as you get older.  Its even faster when you start a family and have babies that grow up into teenagers in what DOES seem like a blink!  Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I only have hard copies… no digital then!! So I took pictures of the pictures!  We look so young… we were 22 and 23, and just graduated from college.

Amber and Eric Tiller Wedding May 1998 2

Eric,  Happy 19th Anniversary today!  I am more in love with you now then the day we married!  You are an incredible husband, friend, father, and supporter of the kids and I! We couldn’t do life without you!   I admire your faith in our God and the Christ-like love that you show daily to us and others around you.  You are an inspiration to me everyday with how hard you work to provide for us for everything we need.  I love you so much!

Amber and Eric Tiller Wedding May 1998 3

The 19th Wedding Anniversary gift is Bronze.  I had to think hard on this.  I hope you like your little gift, its simple, but it’s the thought that counts, right Hop?  “Hop”, and “Hopper” are our little nicknames we created for each other when we started dating.  So, you want to hear the story, right?    You know, when you are dating someone, its kinda cute to create a lil nickname for your boyfriend or girlfriend, right?  One day he said to me, “Amber, you look like a cute, little, bunny hopping around.   Like a Bunny Hopper!’  So he started to call me Hopper…alot….. and it stuck, even to this day!    We sometimes shorten it to just “Hop”.

Amber and Eric Tiller Wedding May 1998 4

Amber and Eric Tiller Wedding May 1998 5

Sorry, Hop, if I embarrassed you today on my post, but I love you so much and am glad I can “hop” around with you till  eternity!  I’m truly blessed!!

Here is a picture of our family, 19 years later,  that was taken just over this past weekend.







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