How To Style a Bookcase

Are you having trouble styling a bookcase or builtins in your home? I am sharing 5 tips on how to style a bookcase.  Follow these easy steps and  your shelves or built-ins will look designer styled!

  1.  Start with books and boxes, these are your building blocks and they  give you a bit of height for displaying accessories.  Also, mix up the placement of your books, placing them vertical and horizontal and try facing page ends out.
  2. Next add in some greenery.  Real or faux.  Whatever you prefer.  For me, I like to use faux in bookcases or builtins.  Try incorporating faux succulents, air plants, or other types of greens appropriate to the scale of the bookshelf.
  3. Use natural elements to bring in texture.  Things from outside like driftwood, shells, small branches, rocks or quartz, antlers.  You can display these items on top of the book stacks or boxes.
  4. Layering in art or family photos helps bring in a personal touch.  But don’t add too much.  Only use 3-5 frames of photos and/or art.  You do not want your whole bookcases to be a family gallery of photos.  That just looks cluttered.  So stick to the 3-5 object rule.
  5.  Lastly, choose your accessories you want to add in.  They can be anything from glass hurricanes, vases, candles, small trays, bowls, sculptural items and souvenirs.  Accessory ideas are endless.   Play around with the arrangements till you get your display in your shelves how you like.

Have fun with it and try these tips I have shared.  Are you going to style your own bookcase or builtins?

Happy Tuesday Friends!





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