How to Find Your Sofa Style

I get asked a lot of questions regarding sofa styles and what is the best style to go with and how to determine what style is their own or that they like.  I would like to share with you some basic knowledge about sofas so you can figure out how to find your sofa style.    First, do a little bit of research on the styling of sofas and what catches your eye while browsing through sofas on Pinterest.   The main features of a sofa you  have to consider are the feet, arms, back and seat cushions.  These all pertain to the look and style of the sofa.  Change any one of these features and you can have a different look to the sofa. There are timeless styles of sofas out there like for example, the Chesterfield Sofa, and lots of furniture manufacturers offer those certain styles.  If you are looking for a specific style then that is great because you know what you want and what style you like.

Chesterfield Leather Sofa



Lets start at the bottom and work our way up the sofa.  The feet.  Typically the options are: turn leg with or without casters, post, bun, block or skirt.  Each foot displays a specific style to the sofa since the foot is visible on the front, unless you go with a skirted sofa.  For example a bun foot reflects a casual cottage looking style compared to a block foot which reflects a contemporary or more modern style.  Here are a couple feet examples:


Montgomery Sofa with block feet

Reagan Sofa with caster legs


The arms of the sofa will weigh heavily on your decision due to comfort and look of the sofa style.  The typical arm option offered are: english, rolled panel, sock, track and recessed panel arm.  These all vary in style and depending on your arm support and comfort, go with what feels best when sitting down on the sofa or lying down with a pillow behind your head.  Arm style examples:

Kelly Sofa with English Arm

Ample Sofa with Track Arm


The seat cushions can vary as well.  It can be one long continuous seat cushion, called a bench cushion,  or 2 to 3 separate cushions.  Again this is preference of what you like to sit on.  The back cushions are more of a style element and what appeals to your eye.  Back cushion choices usually consist of loose pillows, knife edge, bordered back or tight back.  And these can come in semi-attached or loose.  Loose is great because you can turn them around and fluff them up, but with semi-attached, you can not, because, well, they are semi-attached and sewn to the inside sofa back. Here are seat and back cushion examples:

Barrett Sofa with Bench Seat Cushion

Jackson Sofa with 2 seat cushions and Bordered Back Cushions

When looking at construction of the sofa, ALWAYS go with a sofa that has eight-way hand tied spring coils to eliminate any side to side shifting in the cushions.  And make sure the legs of the sofa are integral to the frame and not screwed in.  This allows for more strength and durability.  Also if the frames are made with kiln dried maple, that’s a bonus! Maple is the strongest of all hardwoods.  Wesley Hall, a North Carolina Furniture manufacturer,  is  a great example of all the above features in their sofa and chair construction.

After you have narrowed down your favorite features of what you like, your style will be determined.  There really isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it.  Basically you are designing your own sofa to what selections of the features you want.   The last step, my favorite,  is deciding on the fabric and pulling the style of sofa with fabric choice  to coordinate with the rest of the room and décor.   If you are local and need help with selecting a sofa style and pulling a room together with the finishing touches, send me an email. I will be happy to work with you, I have access to order from Wesley Hall, including the above sofas!

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