DIY: Painting Tile in Bathroom

So we have done ALOT to our 90’s home we bought 3 years ago.   But we have not touched any bathrooms ….YET.  Someday we plan to gut and update fully.  But for now, due to budget, {college in 2 years for our oldest!  Holy Moly! It creeps up fast people!!} I came up with a way to eliminate some not so nice looking tiles surrounding our not so nice looking jet tub.  It’s a quick DIY that anyone can tackle in a couple hours.  So here is what I did, I just simply primed and painted the tiles.  I have another idea I want to try to the tiles when I have a little more time this summer…. and that will be a future blog post!

So supplies you need: block sander, primer, paint, paint brush, rag, and Q-tips.  First gently sand the tiles just enough so that you scratch the surface a little.  Wipe them down and get all the dust off.  Now it is prime time.  I used this Kilz Primer and did 3 coats.  Then followed up with 3 coats of this Marquee paint from Behr.  I needed 3 coats, because the beautiful black and blue tile design kept peeking through.

Up close of these beauties!

The Q-tips are handy for swiping the white paint of the grout in between the tiles.  I don’t have a steady hand at all.

Woala!  No more black and blue tiles around the tub.  Honestly, it bugs me a tad that they are crisp white against the existing greyish-white tiles, but for a small budget, I think this turned out well and I actually like coming into the bathroom now and seeing the update.

For the succulent planters, I just filled these glass vases I had from Pottery Barn, which are no longer available online, sorry,  with sand and placed faux succulents into the sand.   It is super easy and I like the little pop of green on the ledge.

Let me know if you try this and how it worked for you!  Stay tuned, like I said, I have an idea to further expand on these tiles and design.  I will share in a future post, if it works out!



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