Comfiest Blue Maxi Dress

Happy Friday friends!   I hope you had a wonderful July 4th with your families!  I just wanted to share with you today the most comfiest blue maxi dress!  Which is currently on sale!   It is so amazingly soft and comfortable and perfect for summer!   It comes in a few colors, I chose blue because 1., I don’t typically wear this color, and want to add a bit more color to my closet and  2., I like it with my brunette hair.

We were up in northern Michigan on Crystal Lake for the long 4th of July weekend spending time with family.  And I brought this dress along with me.  I have always loved this little Life Saving Station House in the tiny town of Elberta, MI along Betsie Bay.  Life Saving Stations were once used by the Coast Guard to house rescue equipment that was to be used by volunteers and the Coast Guard in case of a ship wreck.  All Stations of Service fell into three broad categories: lifesaving, lifeboat and houses of refuge.  The Great Lakes were known for housing lifeboat stations.  So this station most likely was a lifeboat station.

This station has been renovated and is now a popular spot for on site weddings and receptions.  These giant doors open up so the wedding party and guests can go out onto the deck and dance.  I think it is just adorable, and I thought it would be a great backdrop to highlight this adorable dress.

You can see more info about these mule shoes in a previous post here.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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