How to Style Throw Pillows On Your Sofa

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I have a minor, just minor, obsession with throw pillows in my home.  I just love how they create texture, color and personality to the decor of your room.  And I love to rotate them around during the seasons and change up the look.  Here are some of my own tips on how to style throw pillows on your sofa.

On a standard sized sofa I like to start out with 22 inch or 20 inch pillows for the first layer of pillows.  And go with a 50/50 down blend insert so you can get that nice looking karate chop look to your pillow!   For the first layer, if you have a dark sofa, I like to add a lighter color pillow to add contrast.    And if you have a light sofa, I like to go with a darker color pillow.  You get the contrast concept right? In my opinion, just looks better and breaks up the monotony of the sofa, (unless you are going for the look of all one tone, then feel free to layer light pillows on a light sofa – this is beautiful to do)   The next layer of pillows will be a bit smaller, so 20 inches or 18 inches.   These pillows can have a print or pattern depending on what the pillow fabric is behind it.  For this layer I also like to often choose a fabric that has some sort of texture.  Texture adds interest so the layering doesn’t look too boring.  If you want to add one more layer,  add a smaller pillow like a kidney or lumbar pillow.  My preference is  between 5 and  7  pillows depending on the length of the sofa.  If you follow these simple tips you will have a sofa that looks very well styled!

I have two sofas in my family room.  A light and dark sofa.  Here on my light sofa, my texture pillow is light in general, but has some dark details and interesting texture.  I like how this looks with the different pillow patterns I have going on.


I hope this helps you in styling your own throw pillows on your sofa!  And if you would like to read my post on how to find your sofa style it gives some more tips there.

My sofas are both from Precedent Furniture.  The pillow casings are from various places… Pottery Barn, Etsy, and fabric I purchased through CR Laine and made myself.  I am always switching out my pillow casings, because I get bored quickly, and switching them out often is inexpensive and an easy way to change the look without spending a lot of money.

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